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**100% human hair which mean you can wash, blow dry, curl/straighten & even color**

Our custom hand-tied Wefts are amazing for volume, blending different shades or to achieve seamless length. 

Please fill out the form below to order! 

  1. VIRTUAL CONSULTATION (phone/FaceTime/Zoom/etc.) to discuss your wants/needs & determine the best length for you! (If you know what length you are wanting, a virtual consultation is not needed.)

  2. SEND photo of your hair color inside & outside to properly color match 

  3. ORDER your perfect wefts & schedule an Installation Appointment at our salon.

  4. LEARN How to properly wash & style them

  5. SCHEDULE move up appointment in 6-8 weeks 

16"  Wefts  $275  

20" Wefts  $410      

22"  Wefts $550 

24"  Wefts $730

Hair Pricing

The Hair Shop Hair

Bellami Hair

14"  Wefts  $185  

18" Wefts  $240     

22"  Wefts $265 

26"  Wefts $400

New installation $100 Per Row (Installation includes haircut to blend, learn how to properly care for them, & a little goodie bag with shampoo, conditioner & an extension brush)

Move up: $75 Per Row   

Move up+Wash: $90 Per Row

16" Itips  $90 

18" Itips  $95     

20" Itips $100 

22" Itips $100

24" Itips $115

14" Itips  $75

18" Itips  $85      

22" Itips $100 

26" Itips $120

*Every 6-8 weeks*

*Bellami hair is a well known, more high end brand and also the company that trained us in extensions, they are thicker and lasts 10-12 months. If you want the thickest option then Bellami is for you! If you plan on wearing your extensions for as long as possible and/or more of a regualr thing, then Bellami hair is for you!

*The Hair Shop hair is a local company in Scottsdale that's more affordable, little less thick than Bellami's and lasts 8-10 months. Still amazing! If you are a bride and only want the hair for all the wedding festivites then we say save the money & get The Hair Shop Hair!

Please fill out the form

below to move forward

Feel free to email or text us with any questions at all!





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